One Day in Sarajevo – What to do?

First time in Sarajevo? Want to meet other people? Free tour is perfect choice for You and Your crew! Get to know the city with a local tour guide that will give You the perfect insight as to what Bosnian people are like.

The free walking tour starts in front of the Cathedral of Jesus’ Sacred Heart with tour guide with green umbrella as a sign of Spirit Tours,  and it is focused on old town sightseeing. A light walk through the main pedestrian Ferhadija street takes You to the Orthodox Church, sculpture of multicultural man, to the “sweet corner” and bazaars, Baščaršija square and Sebilj, Jewish square, Gazi Husrev Bey’s mosque, library and fountain, place of assassination, and many more amazing spots. Free walking tour covers all the most important monuments and places. This tour lasts approximately 2 hours and there is no better way to start the morning!

Sarajevo under the siege tour

Sarajevo under the siege or 1425 days under the siege tour, as we also like to call it, is definitely one of the most popular tours in Sarajevo; probably because of famous Tunnel of Hope and the fact that this was the longest siege in modern warfare. So, in cca four hours of this tour we try to paint a complete picture of historical events, political circumstances and survival. First stop is the Tunnel of Hope Museum, after the Tunnel, we continue from Federation entity to Republika Srpska to our next stop – Olympic Mountain Trebević where we will enjoy a stunning view of the city from 1230 m above sea level. The guests will be shown the enemy lines and the bob track from the Winter Olympic Games hosted by Sarajevo in 1984, which is “must see”.  The last stop will be the Jewish Cemetery, the second largest in Europe and a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage title. Join Spirit Tours and enjoy with our guides.

Tunnel of Hope - Museum Tour

When speaking about the war, we cannot skip the Tunnel of Hope and the fact that this was the longest siege in modern warfare. In cca two hours of this tour we try to create a complete picture of historical events, political circumstances, and survival. On the way to the Tunnel, our guides will give You an introduction, and show You the Sniper Alley, a memorial to brutally murdered children, and other important war-related monuments. You will get to walk in the tunnel for 25m, saved as it was originally, to experience the struggle. If you want to learn more about the war you cannot miss this tour.

Full walking tour

Sarajevo has a lot of beautiful and breathtaking stories to tell. This walking tour will provide you with the information about every aspect of living in Sarajevo nowadays and in the past. You will encounter a delightful mixture of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and modern heritage, including architecture, living practice, cuisine, religious objects, trading customs, etc. Get to know the ‘small Jerusalem’ and taste the freshest, purest, drinkable water in the world: if you do so, you will certainly come back to Sarajevo. If you prefer private tours more this is is perfect choice for you! Spend 2-3 hours with one of the Spirit Tours  tour guides.

The Last Day of Franz Ferdinand Tour

Find out why Sarajevo was important during the past times, discover the place where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and what lead to the First World War. Up to a 2 hour-walk through the city, you will explore the spots that were the main for Franz Ferdinand to visit back in the days and discover historical events that lead to one another. You don’t want to miss the place where history was shaped.