5 must do tours in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The city itself was established in the 15th century, but dates back to the Neolithic period, and ever since it has symbolized the melting pot of various cultures and religions. It is also known as the place where East meets West.  That’s why in 10 minutes of walking you will come across a mosque, a synagogue, an Orthodox, and a catholic church. The best way to start your day in Sarajevo is to join a Free walking tour provided by Spirit Agency. The free walking tour starts every day at 10 am in front of the Cathedral Sacred Heart of Jesus. If you want to join to free walking tour with us, you should search for our tour guide with a green umbrella. During this free walking tour, you will learn everything about the history, present, and future of Sarajevo and our tour guides will make sure you bring nice memories back home from this walking tour!

Sarajevo is also known as the place where Austro-Hungarian archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated and that was how World War I was triggered. But, a really big and important part of history in Sarajevo is, unfortunately, the war that happened from 1992-1995.  Sarajevo had the longest siege of modern warfare and it lasted 1425 days. It was a very hard period for all people that lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo. However, the city survived and continued to build in a better direction. The best way of understanding the siege of Sarajevo is to join our tour: Sarajevo under siege – 1425 days. This war tour will give you the best explanation of what happened, how everything started, and what people think today. Do not miss to see the enemy lines, homemade guns, weapons, the famous Tunnel of Hope, and of course to hear interesting stories and tales. This is a unique to travel through the siege of Sarajevo.

The event that all Bosnians are very proud of was the Winter Olympic Games that Sarajevo hosted in 1984. These Winter Olympic Games were the first ones in the socialist country of Yugoslavia. All the Olympic mountains are 30 minutes away by driving with car so this was the perfect place to host the Olympic games. The hospitality and sports spirit of Sarajevians helped that all event feels even better.  Sarajevo was awarded the gold medal for the organization due to the hospitality of the people. Still today you can visit the Olympic mountains- Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Igman, and Trebević. Nowadays, you have a cable car that takes you up to Trebević mountain, where at 1240m altitude you can have the best view of Sarajevo. After the view, you can see – one of the most beautiful abandoned places- our bob track. If you join our Sarajevo under the siege tour, you will be able to have this incredible experience.

Obviously, you cannot miss our amazing cuisine. Probably Bosnia & Herzegovina’s most well-known dish is ćevapi, which is minced meat formed into sausages and served inside a traditional bread with onions and sauce. It is the country’s national dish and the best place to try ćevapi is in Ćevabdžinica Hodžić. You can find this restaurant in the street called Bravadžiluk 34 in the Old Town of Bašćaršija. Besides ćevapi, you also should try our famous pitas (pies). The most popular one is called burek. It is a kind of pie made with filo pastry, spiced minced meat, and potatoes. The most common filling is minced beef, but other fillings include spinach, cheese, and potato.

When you finish tasting our delicious food, it is time for COFFEE! Sarajevo has a rich tradition of coffee culture thanks to its Ottoman heritage. Bosnians love to drink coffee, a couple times per day, and guess what? We drink coffee for hours!  Traditional Bosnian coffee is thick and strong. Also, there is a special way of how this coffee is made and served. The best way to experience the real culture of drinking coffee in Sarajevo is to choose one of the coffee places in the Old Town. Together with coffee, the culture of drinking tea is pretty popular so you can find nice tea places as well.

Here are some tips on how to spend one day in Sarajevo after which you feel, for sure, feel like Sarajevian! For any tours ( free walking tour, Sarajevo under siege tour, Olympic mountains Tour) feel free to book it on our page.